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Class Info, Plugins and Maps @ gamerone.net

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Class Info, Plugins and Maps @ gamerone.net

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:24 am

Don't use any content including pictures off this forum without asking! Write to the webmaster admin and get permission. Tell him that you will give full credit with a link to his site: "(c) Photo use with permission of gamerone.net". Also use the copyright sign. In the past week I've asked two webmasters if I could use their photos and both have refused. On the other hand, some people would love the chance of getting a link to their page. No reply to your email is as good as a refusal!


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gamerone.net Official Zombie Plague Mod

Class Info

The Sexy Woman that will own you with her no-recoil minigun including unlimited clip, not forgetting low gravity. (Ammo packs and frags are awarded)
Survivor [zombie count*base health of 200 HP]
Plague Mode [Survivor HP multiplier 13.5 = 1350% health]

The deadly robot zombie machine that inflicts 1111 HP damage per hit. (Ammo packs and frags are awarded)
Nemesis [human count*base health of 2000 HP]
Plague Mode [Nemesis HP multiplier 0.5 = 50% health]

Classic Zombie
The average zombie which has equal speed, health and average knock-back. (Ammo packs and frags are awarded)
Infection [First zombie 5600 HP]
Multiple Infection [2800 HP]
Swarm Mode [2800 HP]

Raptor Zombie
The increased speed zombie which is faster but has lowest health and average knock-back. (Ammo packs and frags are awarded)
Infection [First zombie 3800 HP]
Multiple Infection [1900 HP]
Swarm Mode [1900 HP]

Poison Zombie
The higher jumps zombie which is has low gravity, average health and high knock-back. (Ammo packs and frags are awarded)
Infection [First zombie 4800 HP]
Multiple Infection [2400 HP]
Swarm Mode [2400 HP]

Big Zombie
The Strong / High HP zombie which is slower but has high health and low knock-back. (Ammo packs and frags are awarded)
Infection [First zombie 6700 HP]
Multiple Infection [3350 HP]
Swarm Mode [3350 HP]

Leech Zombie
The Extra HP For Infecting zombie which has normal health and high knock-back but gains health points for each infection. (Ammo packs and frags are awarded)
Infection [First zombie 4600 HP]
Multiple Infection [2300 HP]
Swarm Mode [2300 HP]


This plugin is made, to give special abilities to player, and make his gaming more easier. You can sell these privileges for players, or give it to a spacial people on server.

Rock The Vote
When you want to change the map say "rtv" to Rock The Vote, when enough people say it the map will be changed.

Server Messages
When you see on screen near the chat messages such as join your game community forum, this is where you will see useful information.

Round Win Messages
When you win a round as zombie or human you will get a cool victory picture shown on your screen, the losers see nothing.

Kill/Antidote/Infection Bombs and Flares
These are different purchasable items which you can reach by pressing m then 2 and to reach a new page 9, the prices range in ammo packs, you will get 1 for each purchase and here is what they do; flares include fire, glow and freeze, the infection bomb infects humans for zombie, the kill bomb kills zombies for human and finally the antidote bomb heals zombies for human The bombs have no affect on nemesis.

Kit Damage and Golden AK
When you have enough packs about 50 these items for the human deal out serious pain, each comes with a new glowing model, Kit Damage gives you a new shotgun with a spare pistol and has a 5 X damage multiplier with intense knock-back, the Golden AK gives you a 5 X damage multiplier and also gives you unlimited clip at the same time, these last 1 round but used in the right hands are extremely useful.

Crossbow and Jet-pack with Bazooka
When you want a crossbow you can use attack 1 and attack 2 for different effects on the zombie, used effectively it can eliminate a zombie fast. Jet-pack with bazooka allows you to fly around using the space button and you can fire a bazooka once in a while as well. These items will last you one round.

Dinner Scanner, Knife Blink, Antidote and Madness
When you want to see where the humans are as a zombie, buy dinner scanner and they will appear on your radar so you can find them to eat their brains. Knife Blink tells all players when you are using it and the idea is when you are near a human, attack while you have knife blink and you go straight to them in the blink of an eye. Antidote heals you back to human state. The madness will prevent you from being affected by pain shock of being shot at and can infect the human easier. These will last you one round.

When you need to get somewhere higher than your able to reach as a human you can buy multi-jump which gives you +1 more jump while in mid air unlimited times so you can get into safer places harder for the zombie to get you, however beware with teamwork they can boost. This will last you 1 round.

Antidote Gun
When you buy this a scout will be given to you which when you shoot a zombie with, it will appear that they have used an antidote, all humans get unlimited reloads anyway so you won't run out of ammo. You don't get a frag or ammo pack for healing a zombie to human state, it does not work on nemesis but is worth the fun experience of creating a zombie heal chain. This will last you one round.


The small map that was first to be created which features a vent, a house and a yellow box, zombies have advantage.
Made by Rmx

Inspired by the original fun world map, this is a medium sized larger version which gives humans advantage, this also featurs a vent, a house and a yellow box with new hidden weapons.
Made by d4zo

zm_fun_world_3 Removed from map cycle because of error.
With the success of fun world 2 came the third instsllment of the map which featurs a vent, a house and a yellow box, the map is big and a new sewer gives equal advantage to zombies and humans; and there are still useful hidden weapons.
Made by d4zo

Based on the first map, this new map is big with plenty of places and useable weapons.
Requested by zERO
Made by DimeX

Classic zombie map which has many places for zombie and human, there are some hidden weapons and is big.

Based on a snow theme it has an igloo, a cave and some overturned cars in this big map.

This is a zombie remake of the original nuke map which is still big and has a variety of different splaces to use including underground access.
Made by Ubek

A normal size map which has some hidden weapons, it has crouch bases and even has a mine field.
Made by .~*ZombiE*~.

Remake of the original aztec map this is still big and has a secret room of weapons.
Made by Mietek

A completely different spin off from the assault you recognize where in this big map there are secret weapons, many places and high view points.

A pretty dark map since there is not much lighting but does have useful places for zombie and human use.

Add reply here if you have a request for improvement you want added to the server.

// gamerone

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