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V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net

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V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net Empty V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:19 pm

An exciting new development is now available here for you!

You're buying steam privileges and this will require your SteamID. (Click here to buy VIP for Non-Steam Counter Strike)

Purchase V.I.P Privileges

This plugin is made, to give special abilities to player, and make his gaming more easier. You can sell these privileges for players, or give it to a spacial people on server.

The base plugin. Thease functions is always working, mo meter what mode are you using.

* It gives extra ammo packs for killing zombies/players.
* Extra health for infecting(for zombies only).
* Extra packs for infecting.
* Humans grains extra armor every round.
* Shows VIP's in the score bar.
* Gives for VIP's unlimited clip.
* Vips gets a Multi-Jump
* Writing a message, when VIP player is connecting to server.
* VIP will be shown on /vips list
* Ammo packs for damage dealt.


V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net 1_copy10 V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net 2_copy11

V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net 3_copy10 V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net 4_copy10

V.I.P Privileges - STEAM USERS @ gamerone.net 0_copy10

Rules & Legal Agreement
We reserve the right to modify the *VIP* plugin without notice and are subject to change with server improvement.
You don't get a refund under any circumstances even if you break the server rules and get perm banned.
You are buying intellectual property which lasts you 31 days (1 month) and no longer, if you want it again you must purchase. You accept the terms given by purchasing your VIP.

Commands: /vip (show VIP's info) /vips (show VIP's online) /vm (show VIP's menu)

Buy Through PayPal

How do I find my SteamID? Click here to find out.

If you can't see the buy button below click here to learn how you enable html.

Was: 15 Now: 10 Euros for 31 Days of VIP

Enter Your SteamID

Post a reply once you have purchased, we can verify payment and You will be contacted in 24 hours.

// gamerone


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