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Please read before using this forum Empty Please read before using this forum

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:54 am

All of these plugins have been created by users of alliedmods.net - Dislcailmer: None of the code has been written and is not owned by gamerone.net but is saved here to honour the work by the coders of all plugins.

Many great plugins were lost from the public because a forum called SuperCentral has removed them all. Therefore I am keeping a backup of all plugins I have persoanally downloaded. The topic titles, rules, and body of the threads are identicle here to alliedmods.net and we respect your work.

You are welcome to use the plugins, since they have always been releaesed to the public - we just ask that you keep the coders name in the plugin.

Thank you for reading.

// gamerone


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