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Windows 7 Start Button changer

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Windows 7 Start Button changer

Post  zERO on Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:45 am

Windows 7 start button changer is a program to change your icon which is located bottom left screen usally its the normal one.. you get bored with it right?


Download is at the right hand side it says, "Download File".

When you have downloaded the program save it in desktop, and then go in the file open up the "Windows 7 Start Button Changer" RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR. When you have opened it Click "Select & Change Start Button" And then find where you put your file it should be in desktop cause i said just save it there, or whatever. When you have opened "10 sample orbs" choose any from you like and then press ok, and then it should change if it doesn't restart your explorer.exe or just restart your PC.

Thanks hope you enjoy Very Happy


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